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About ME

Dan Udall,
Online Session Guitarist

I am a prominent online session guitarist based in the United Kingdom, dedicated to crafting tailor-made guitar tracks for clients worldwide. With a wealth of experience in delivering guitar tracks online, I have cultivated a loyal customer base that continually relies on my services. My repertoire encompasses a variety of instrumental guitar compositions, some of which have found their way into esteemed production music libraries. One such success includes the recent release of my “Country Guitar EP” by Media Tracks UK, a label known for creating music for children’s television programs under the MT Minnies brand.

Furthermore, my journey has led to the exciting achievement of presenting my “Bossa Nova Guitar EP” to the discerning ears at MT World, a specialized TV production music library renowned for curating Latin music for sync licensing.

Dan Udall

Professional Musician

My Experience

My extensive background in creating instrumental guitar music for the television licensing industry has uniquely positioned me to support session clients currently immersed in this realm. These professionals often seek my expertise in crafting custom guitar segments tailored to their projects. Notably, one such client featured my work on one of their songs, and this collaboration has borne fruit with their recent signing of a publishing deal with the esteemed production music library, Punks S/A, based in Brazil.

Additionally, I take great pleasure in aiding independent artists working on original projects. Many of them have released music that showcases my guitar contributions, now available on platforms such as Spotify. My clientele extends to corporate enterprises who routinely engage my services to produce bespoke tracks for their commercial endeavors and advertising campaigns.

Great Reviews

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As an accomplished musician, I can give your music authentic contributions to elevate it to its highest.


Get exactly what you need for your music to sound outstanding in today's competitive world.

During my time working as a session guitarist, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with well-established producers, including William D Lucey, a regular client with credits such as REM, Alicia Keys, George Harrison, and more. I’ve also worked alongside some of the UK’s most renowned session guitarists, including Jim Mullen, Gianluca Corona (formerly guitarist for Al Di Meola), and Al Cherry (known for collaborations with Cat Stevens and Lisa Stansfield). In addition to my session work, I actively support aspiring musicians looking to enter the industry. I achieve this by creating educational content and conducting interviews with industry experts such as Stevie B from the Production Music Academy and María Cecilia Ayalde Ángel (a sound engineer and A & R representative for Media Tracks). Whether you’re an artist, composer, producer, or business owner, I can provide a customized guitar track that enhances your project and ensures top-notch results.


Here’s how it works

You can initiate the process by sending me an email outlining your requirements. I will then arrange a free, no-obligation ten-minute Zoom conversation with you. During this call, we’ll delve into your specific needs to ensure the guitar part aligns perfectly with your project. Subsequently, I’ll provide you with a quote for the job. If you approve, I’ll get to work! You will also receive an estimated turnaround time for when the part will be completed before we commence the project. No need for guesswork or chasing up deadlines!


What you will receive

Upon project completion, you’ll be furnished with a custom-made guitar track precisely tailored to your project’s requirements. The provided part will be perfectly aligned, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it into your project without any adjustments or editing. It will be delivered in the exact format, sample rate, and bit rate specified in your project to save you time and prevent the need for file conversion. You will also receive three files: one demonstrating the track in the context of your mix, another featuring the part with effects and tones chosen to complement the song, and a dry version of the part without effects, affording you the option to customize them to your preferences.


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